Ever wondered what it would be like to see BoA dance with a bunch of nazi officers? Look no further than this video. :P

It’s a performance of LAZER from BoA’s 2010 Identity tour. I don’t have a release date for the DVD though. I only know that the show has aired on TV. I’d guess (since no release date is available, edit: release date August 11th) that the DVD will come out after her Woo Weekend single, which comes out at the end of July. Hopefully it’ll come out sooner though.

BoA ~ LAZER (Live Ver.)

BoA ~ LAZER (Live Ver.)

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Credit: source vid ABC1234@jpopsuki

I wonder who came up with the costumes… Probably the same person who came up with the zombie clowns for the Bump! Bump! video :lol: