Since the last time I mentioned YUI’s new album Holidays in the Sun, the track list has become known.

Let’s start with the covers though:

  • Holidays in the Sun (CD)
  • Holidays in the Sun (CD+DVD)

CD track list:

  1. to Mother
  2. again
  3. Parade
  5. Shake My Heart
  7. I do it
  8. Please Stay With Me
  9. Summer Song
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Driving Happy Life
  12. It’s all too much
  13. Kiss me

As you can see, YUI has recorded her own version of the song I do it, which she originally wrote for Stereopony.

DVD (music videos):

  1. It’s happy line
  2. My Generation
  4. Namidairo
  5. Laugh away
  6. to Mother (multi-angle clip — not a normal music video)

The DVD also has some kind of DVD game.

It’s nice that they’ve included It’s happy line, which hasn’t been released on DVD before, as well as the other videos that have only been included with singles.

Note how Muffler is excluded from this album. They’re probably saving it for another B-side compilation in the future (hopefully).

I surely hope that the “and more” content on the DVD isn’t just a DVD game. All previous bonus DVDs have had live performances and stuff. It would be a bit disappointing if this one didn’t. But I guess it would be understandable if there were no live clips since YUI has been on a break.