I know some of you guys have been waiting for Tae-yeon’s musical performance in Midnight Sun.

Tae-yeon ~ Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

Tae-yeon ~ Midnight Sun Musical 20100605

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Credit: source vid. cozy@jpopsuki

This torrent has the entire musical in PSP-friendly video. I think it’s the biggest file I’ve posted to date. The video is in Korean and does not have subtitles.

For those who don’t know, Midnight Sun (태양의 노래) is a Korean musical version of the Japanese movie (which is based on a book as I understand it) with the same name (Midnight Sun/太陽の歌).

Tae-yeon from Girls’ Generation plays the part of Kaoru (played by YUI in the movie), a girl with a disease that makes it impossible for her to be in sunlight. As a result she’s only able to go out at night. She’s very musically talented and performs on the street during the nights although no-one comes to listen. Before going to bed in the mornings she looks out the window and sees a boy of the same age who goes surfing before school…

The musical relies heavily on the Korean versions of the songs YUI wrote for the Japanese movie.

I will post shorter clips of Tae-yeon singing the Korean version of YUI’s songs as direct download over the coming week. I’ll probably add a download mirror for this video too, but I thought I’d see if I could get a swarm going on the torrent first.

I’ve had this video for some time. I know I said that I’d post this as soon as I got a hold of it, but I had some problems with the conversion, so I postponed it to a time where I wasn’t so busy. Anyway, here it is, so enjoy :) .