I finally watched Dear Friends (starring Keiko Kitagawa) the other night. I’ve been meaning to watch it for years (still not out on DVD with English subs). I liked it for the most part, although it was a bit awkward at times. Very emotional.


After watching it I browsed around YesAsia a bit and saw an in-store banner about some pre-order discount and thought “Hey, isn’t that Keiko?”. Turns out that she’s starring in a new movie called Hana no Ato, where she plays the daughter of a clan official who develops a relationship with a low-ranking samurai after challenging him to a match with bamboo swords. The difference in social status and arranged marriages stand in their way of their love.

I thought it sounded good (and Keiko is in it), so I thought I’d post a quick note about it here. You can check out the trailer on the official site (click “トレーラー”).

Hana no Ato is based on a story by Shuhei Fujisawa, who also wrote the story Twilight Samurai was based on (another movie I’ve been meaning to see).

It’s coming out on DVD in September, but the initial release will not have English subtitles. Hopefully there will be other editions.