Today I got the textbook for the Korean course that I’m taking this fall. The book is called Korean 1 (한국어 1) and is written by the Language Education Institute, Seoul National University.

The course I’m taking is an evening course with lessons once a week. It’s in a different city, which is a bit inconvenient and it’s going to be a bit expensive with the train tickets, but it’s no big deal. I’m looking forward to learning in a class where you get to practice speaking in a way that’s not possible in self-studies.

In the course information the textbook for the course was listed, along with the name of a book shop that sells that book. The price of 405 SEK for the book (including a 30% discount for taking this course) and domestic shipping didn’t sound too much… until I saw what the book costs in Korea. I got it for about 200 SEK including express shipping from Korea. I’m all for supporting the local economy, but I’m against paying twice the price ;) .