Daum recently released a screensaver which consists of clips of all members of Girls’ Generation acting cute and looking out at you through the screen.

You can check out a preview on YouTube here (note that the actual screensaver has no sound):


I like Yu-ri and Seo-hyun the most in this screensaver because they’re interacting most naturally with the screen. Yu-ri cleans your screen for you :lol: .

When the screensaver starts it plays the clips in random order.

You can download them directly from Daum or use one of the mirrors I’ve put up in case the download is slow.

Daum download page (Korean)

Windows (high quality) 112 MB (Daum | mediafire | torrent | status)
Windows (low quality) 70 MB (Daum | mediafire | torrent | status)
Mac (high quality) 330 MB (Daum | torrent | status)
Mac (low quality) 222 MB (Daum | torrent | status)

Update: Since Megaupload was shut down, I replaced the Megaupload links with torrents.

All files are the “patch 1″ version with improved video quality.

Note: these are executable files and you download them at your own risk.

I’ve tested the HQ windows version on Windows 7. When installing the korean text might look like gibberish depending on your localization. What I did was just click the highlighted buttons (where you expect “next” and “finish” to be), and I unchecked the checkbox on the last page. Then, in Windows 7, you right-click your desktop and choose Personalize and then in the bottom right corner you have Screensaver.