Let me just start off by saying that I love this song! :D

Jumping (ジャンピン) is the title of KARA’s first new song since they debuted in Japan. From the first time I heard a preview of the song I haven’t been able to get it out of my head (you have now been warned ;) ). It’s a pretty simple song, but oh so catchy :) .

KARA ~ Jumping

KARA ~ Jumping

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Credit: source vid. steely@jpopsuki

All the members look great here. The ones who I think have changed their style the most are Gyu-ri with her blonde hair and Nicole with her hair up, showing more of her face. I wasn’t sure Gyu-ri would be able to pull it off but she looks really pretty with blonde hair.

I’m usually sceptical when Korean artists debut in Japan, but it seems to go be going very well for KARA. Even the Japanese version of Mister sounded pretty good.

They chose a simpler dance routine for Jumping since the hip dance they did for Mister was too difficult for the fans to imitate :) .

The single is coming out in November and is available for pre-order.

(The video quality isn’t the best so I’ll probably repost this video when I get a hold of a better source video.)