Raven was released on Do As Infinity’s single Yesterday & Today back in the year 2000 and was later included on their first album. The song was used in the closing credits of the movie Uzumaki. I bought that movie on DVD years ago, but I still haven’t watched it :lol: . It seems creepy.

I should probably warn sensitive viewers that the music video contains many clips from Uzumaki, which is a horror movie.

Do As Infinity ~ Raven

Do As Infinity ~ Raven

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It’s not so much the video I want to share as the song itself (although Van-chan looks great in the video). It’s one of my favourite DAI songs.

The reason I’m posting this “all of a sudden” is that this song came up in a random playlist I was singing along to a while back. I really like it, especially chorus and the contrast between the verse and chorus. Singing along to this song works great as a tension releaser (for me at least).