In this performance KARA is wearing some of the nicer “Jumping” outfits. I read that they couldn’t use the outfits from the music video because it showed their *gasp* belly buttons.

You might ask yourself why they couldn’t wear those outfits when they were allowed such outfits for their Mister performances. It turns out that the Korean TV stations have recently imposed stricter wardrobe regulations. T-ara also had some problems where they had to alter the outfits last minute.

KARA ~ Jumping Live@Music Bank 20101203

KARA ~ Jumping Live@Music Bank 20101203

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Credit: source vid. MickiFree@jpopsuki

For the Korean performances they also altered the choreography a little for the “jumping jumping” part.

There’s a small glitch in the video during Hara’s “take on me” part from the original rip (just so you don’t think there’s anything wrong with the file).