January 2011

I’ve updated the site today so that if you click the thumbnail image for a video the download starts. Previously the preview images were shown when you did this.

Let me know if you experience any problems related to this.

It’s supposed to work like this: if you hover the mouse pointer over the image you should see a download icon. When  you click it, it should say “loading…” and the download should start. Then the “loading…” message should disappear after a few seconds.


IU sings a cover of the song 난 사랑을 아직 몰라 at Music Travel LaLaLa.

IU ~ I don't know love yet Live@Music Travel LaLaLa 20090617

IU ~ I don’t know love yet Live@Music Travel LaLaLa 20090617

22MB 3:17 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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Credit: sourve vid. yoobin.skyrock


I remember this song from the movie My Little Bride (you can see pictures from the movie in the background), where Moon Geun-yeong sings it in a karaoke room. Very funny movie :) . The original artist for the song was Lee Ji-yeon some time in the 80’s.

IU also sang a snippet of this song in episode 7 of Dream High.


Last year YUI visited Sweden (unbeknownst to me at the time >_<). You can see footage from parts of her visit in the music video for Your Heaven. You'll see scenes from Stockholm and Gotland.

It’s a really nice song.

YUI ~ Your Heaven

YUI ~ Your Heaven

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I recognize many scenes from Stockholm. I haven’t been to Gotland yet, but I have friends who grew up there.

From what I’ve heard, the lyrics to Your Heaven are inspired from YUI’s experience of the Swedish scenery :D .

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Lately I’ve been watching f(x)’ Koala (f(x)의 코알라), which is a TV show where the members of f(x) (except Amber) go on trips around the world spreading Korean culture through challenges they get during the show. This has increased my interest in f(x).

Here’s a performance of Mr. Boogie from KJE’s Chocolate. This performance doesn’t include Amber either, but rest assured: f(x) is making a comeback with a new album in February — all five of them.

f(x) ~ Mr. Boogie Live@KJE's Chocolate 20100815

f(x) ~ Mr. Boogie Live@KJE’s Chocolate 20100815

27MB 2:58 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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Credit: source vid. catreroth@jpopsuki

I dig Victoria’s outfit in this clip. Sulli’s not so much. I really like the “everyday clothes” that Sulli wears in f(x)’ Koala, though. Very elegant.

Perhaps I should mention that I got my subbed episodes of f(x)’ Koala from KpopClubSubs.


Here are the official wallpapers (1280×1024) for YUI’s new single It’s My Life/Your Heaven that comes out next week.

  • It’s my life / Your heaven
  • It’s my life / Your heaven

The music videos are coming up later. I’ll comment more then.


This clip is from YHY’s Sketchbook in 2009 where IU performed short acoustic covers of SNSD’s Gee, Big Bang’s Lies and Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry. Really nice versions.

IU ~ Gee, Lies & Sorry Sorry Live@YHY's Sketchbook 20090703

IU ~ Gee, Lies & Sorry Sorry Live@YHY’s Sketchbook 20090703

24MB 3:43 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source vid. yoobin.skyrock

It’s funny how smitten the host is by IU :lol: . You can tell earlier in the show, but when she sings the covers he’s completely mesmerized by her. You can tell that he tried to force himself to look in another direction during Sorry Sorry after the audience laughed, but he soon has to look at her again.

The first time I watched this show (yes, I’ve watched it several times :) ), I thought “oh no!” when the audience started clapping along to Gee because I came to think of one of YUI’s street lives where the audience started clapping faster and faster.


I wasn’t sure if I should post anything about this, since it’s still so “up in the air”, but I know a lot of people who come here are KARA fans, so I’ll post this in case you haven’t already heard.

Just before going to sleep last night I read the news that Seung-yeon, Nicole, Ji-young and Ha-ra (excluding Gyu-ri!) had their lawyers release a statement that they were terminating their contracts with their agency DSP Media Entertainment, partly because of how the agency had forced insane schedules on the girls (there were also news about payment issues).

Later there was an article about Gyu-ri finding out about the whole thing from reporters :( . By the time DSP released their official statement Ha-ra had cancelled her contract termination, so at this time it’s Seung-yeon, Ji-young and Nicole who are about to leave.

Hopefully KARA can stay together. Either by DSP giving them a better deal or all of them leaving together. I hope it works out somehow.

Additional articles: #1, #2, #3, #4


Lies (거짓말) was Big Bang’s break-out hit back in 2007.

Big Bang ~ Lies

Big Bang ~ Lies

29MB 4:53 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source vid. from bambimiri.blogspot

Why am I posting this all of a sudden? All other Big Bang videos have been requests. If you know the answer to that, then you know which video is coming up next ;) .

The music video for Lies has a kind of intense story line (kind of like Haru haru, which came out later). You should watch it to the end.

BTW, Big Bang is releasing a new album in February.



I’m currently watching the Korean drama series Dream High. There are so many familiar K-Pop faces in this drama. There’s Suzy from Miss A, Taec-yeon and Woo-young from 2PM, Eun-jeong from T-ara and IU ♥. You can also see JYP as one of the teachers. I also recognize some of the actors from other dramas and movies. … Continue reading


Like I wrote earlier, YUI has a new single coming out later this month called It’s My Life / Your Heaven. The preview of Your Heaven that I linked to was pulled by YouTube, so not many of you got to see it.

To make it up to you, and to hold you over until I post the PV, here’s YUI’s performance of Your Heaven from Music Station on Christmas eve.

YUI ~ Your Heaven Live@Music Station 20101224

YUI ~ Your Heaven Live@Music Station 20101224

33MB 2:43 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

Credit: source vid. terahata@jpopsuki

I wanted to post this earlier, but there were some problems with the transcoding >_<.


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