I’m currently watching the Korean drama series Dream High. There are so many familiar K-Pop faces in this drama. There’s Suzy from Miss A, Taec-yeon and Woo-young from 2PM, Eun-jeong from T-ara and IU ♥. You can also see JYP as one of the teachers. I also recognize some of the actors from other dramas and movies.

Dream High Poster

The drama is about a few students at Kirin Art School who aspire to becoming professional entertainers for various reasons. Suzy plays the main role of Hye-mi, whose father has gone bankrupt and left the country, leaving Hye-mi and her sister behind. Hye-mi has to succeed as an artist in order to pay off the debt. Eun-jeong’s character Baek-hee starts out as a friend/fan of Hye-mi’s, but things change after they go to audition for a spot at Kirin Art School. You probably won’t recognize IU in the first episodes since she wears a “fat suit”. She plays the talented but overweight Pil-sook, who is infatuated with Woo-young’s character Jason.

I’ve watched the first four episodes. The first episode is a bit “chaotic”, since it tries to tell a little about all characters. Then it gets better and better in my opinion. There’s drama and romance, spiced up with some singing and dancing. What’s not to like? ;)

This is the first time I’ve watched a Korean drama as it’s airing. Now that I’m caught up, I’ll have the painful wait between each episode. The drama is scheduled for 16 episodes.

I get the episodes from d-addicts.com and the subtitles form darksmurfsub.com. The subtitles are “community translated”, meaning that there’s no specific group translating the show, but members of the forum contribute. The subs are good and come out really quickly.