I wasn’t sure if I should post anything about this, since it’s still so “up in the air”, but I know a lot of people who come here are KARA fans, so I’ll post this in case you haven’t already heard.

Just before going to sleep last night I read the news that Seung-yeon, Nicole, Ji-young and Ha-ra (excluding Gyu-ri!) had their lawyers release a statement that they were terminating their contracts with their agency DSP Media Entertainment, partly because of how the agency had forced insane schedules on the girls (there were also news about payment issues).

Later there was an article about Gyu-ri finding out about the whole thing from reporters :( . By the time DSP released their official statement Ha-ra had cancelled her contract termination, so at this time it’s Seung-yeon, Ji-young and Nicole who are about to leave.

Hopefully KARA can stay together. Either by DSP giving them a better deal or all of them leaving together. I hope it works out somehow.

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