Lately I’ve been watching f(x)’ Koala (f(x)의 코알라), which is a TV show where the members of f(x) (except Amber) go on trips around the world spreading Korean culture through challenges they get during the show. This has increased my interest in f(x).

Here’s a performance of Mr. Boogie from KJE’s Chocolate. This performance doesn’t include Amber either, but rest assured: f(x) is making a comeback with a new album in February — all five of them.

f(x) ~ Mr. Boogie Live@KJE's Chocolate 20100815

f(x) ~ Mr. Boogie Live@KJE’s Chocolate 20100815

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Credit: source vid. catreroth@jpopsuki

I dig Victoria’s outfit in this clip. Sulli’s not so much. I really like the “everyday clothes” that Sulli wears in f(x)’ Koala, though. Very elegant.

Perhaps I should mention that I got my subbed episodes of f(x)’ Koala from KpopClubSubs.