Here IU is performing the song Dreaming, which her character Pil-sook composes in the drama Dream High, but with altered lyrics.

IU ~ Dreaming Live@YHY's Sketchbook 20110311

IU ~ Dreaming Live@YHY’s Sketchbook 20110311

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You might remember the clip i posted from another of IU’s (numerous) appearances on Sketchbook and how infatuated the host, Yoo Hee-yeol, was by her. This time IU changed the lyrics to describe him:

Sharp eyes like a hawk, forehead like the Pacific Ocean, small and cute shoulders~ Established appearance from behind, a white face, with a warm way of speaking~ Did you miss me? Don’t just laugh~ I know how you feel, uncle~ Even when you’re coy, I know. You can fool a ghost but you can’t fool me~ Step by step, nervous footsteps, with excitement~ I prepared this much today~ I missed you, uncle~

It’s so cute when she sings “나 보고 싶었어?” (did you miss me, informal) and then adds the polite “요?” (yo), since she’s singing to an “uncle” :) .

credit: translated lyrics from allkpop