YUI was chosen to compose the opening and ending song for the upcoming Japanese movie Paradise Kiss, starring Keiko Kitagawa and Osamu Mukai. The movie is an adaptation of a manga by Ai Yazawa (the creator of NANA).

YUI ~ HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~

YUI ~ HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~

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Credit: source vid. steely@jpopsuki

HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ is the opening song. YUI has really changed up her style with her in her last couple of music videos. I think back to To Mother, when it was a minor sensation that YUI was wearing a dress. In this video all the different outfits kind of make sense considering what the movie is about. I like the head band look (the one in the screenshot). But YUI with straight bangs (with the pony tail, where she’s wearing black) looks so weird to me :shock: .

You can hear a snippet of the ending song YOU in this trailer for the movie: