Girls’ Generation (or 少女時代/Shoujo jidai as they’re called in Japan) made their first live performance of MR. TAXI on Music Station last week.

Tae-yeon looks so awesomely hot in this video! I just want to eat her up! XD

Girls' Generation ~ MR.TAXI Live@Music Station 20110513

Girls’ Generation ~ MR.TAXI Live@Music Station 20110513

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Credit: source vid. terahata@jpopsuki

It seems like the Japanese shows aren’t as accustomed to having big dance numbers on their stages as it looks a bit cramped for space with all the close-ups. The Korean shows have much bigger stages.

The talk online lately has been about Yu-ri’s weight loss. She’s really skinny now compared to how she used to look (slender and sexy). Even Yoon-a is less skinny than Yu-ri now.

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