When the K-drama Dream High was over the artists who were a part of the cast held a concert for the fans where they performed songs from the drama. It was aired as a bonus episode on TV and had interviews with the cast and stuff.

IU performed Someday from the Dream High sound track.

IU ~ Someday Live@Dream High Concert 20110301

IU ~ Someday Live@Dream High Concert 20110301

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I apologize on the camera man’s behalf for the unsteady camera -_-.

During the performance they show some clips from the drama, so some things will get spoiled if you haven’t watched the drama yet.

The guy who comes up to IU on the stage is Woo-young from 2PM, who played Jason.

The concert episode was perhaps a little lackluster overall. The biggest thing that happened was when Suzy (from Miss A) was asked about the criticism she recieved for her first acting role and she started crying. It got really awkward because the hosts didn’t know what to do.

Dream High is coming out on DVD with English subtitles at the end of June. It’s supposed to be cut a bit differently for the DVD release, but It’s probably not too different from what aired on TV. I asked and got confirmation that the special concert episode (where this clip is from) will be included as a special feature on the second box, but it won’t be subtitled.