This is a pretty tight performance of Fiction, by BEAST… or B2ST. When I first heard of them, it was when they collaborated with 4Minute. At that time I got the impression that they’d changed from B2ST to BEAST, but now it seems like they’ve gone back to the old spelling. Maybe it’s supposed to be something in between the two, but then it looks a bit like BaeST or B-swastika-ST :? .

BEAST ~ Fiction Live@Inkigayo 20110522

BEAST ~ Fiction Live@Inkigayo 20110522

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Credit: source vid. joec108@jpopsuki

I find B2ST to be pretty clever, since 2 is pronounced “i” (or “ee” for English speakers) in Korean (Sino-Korean number, native Korean is “dul”). But I’m going to stick with BEAST for file names. I’ll add B2ST as a tag though.