Today I received three out of the five packages of K-Pop and J-Pop goodness that I’ve ordered. I haven’t ordered much this spring… until now that is.


The items you see in the picture are:

  • Rainbow - So 女 CD
  • Dream High photo comic volume 1 & 2
  • IU - Real+ CD
  • f(x) - Pinocchio CD
  • BoA - Live Tour 2010 Identity DVD
  • YUI - Hotel Holidays in the Sun DVD
  • YUI - It’s my life/Your heaven CD+DVD

I know f(x) are going to release a re-packaged version of Pinocchio soon, but I wanted this one :) .

The Dream High photo comic is like a comic, but using stills from the drama series. I thought I could use it to practice reading Korean. I’ve seen (and liked, obviously) the drama, so I know the story and character names and such, which should make it easier to understand. I thought that I could bring the first volume with me on my upcoming trip, but it’s pretty hefty! I’d say around 700 grams for each volume (my kitchen scale only goes to 500g).

The It’s my life/Your heaven DVD comes with the “YUI in Sweden special movie”. YUI coming to Sweden must be promoted :) .


The items came packaged in the usual “glamorous” YesAsia packaging. My mail-man must think I’m a drug dealer or something :P . The packaging is good though. Unmarked packages like this are less likely to get stuck in customs (maybe sniffed by a drug dog, but that’s about it).

I’m still waiting for Girls’ Generation’s Japanese album and the Dream High DVD boxes (pre-order).