Have I mentioned lately how much f(x) rule? Well they do. A lot :) .

I already posted a youtube clip of Hot Summer from the repackaged version of their album. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, but I really like it. I often skip the repackaged albums, but I’m going to get this one.

f(x) ~ Hot Summer

f(x) ~ Hot Summer

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All the girls get plenty of time on screen and they all look great (especially Sulli and Krystal). I wonder why Luna only has that red wig on for a few seconds in the video.

There is one bad thing about this song though. There was this huge heat wave here, but as soon as Hot Summer was released the temperature dropped and it started raining. If the song is somehow cursed, I fear that I’m going to ruin a lot of people’s summer around here by playing the song over and over :P .