Sweet Dream is Rainbow’s latest song. The chorus sounds like it’s from/for a video game. Or perhaps it’s the keyboard bit that gives me another DJ Max flashback. I like it though. Not as much as To Me, but still good (”it’s still good, it’s still good”).

Rainbow ~ Sweet Dream

Rainbow ~ Sweet Dream

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I think Woo-ri is getting hotter every time I see her. Oh man! This made me think of this clip I saw where Woo-ri was speed-rapping with Outsider, but now I can’t find it! It’s been removed from youtube :( .

Sweet Dream is the title track of the “repackaged version” of their second mini album. It’s a bit weirdly repackaged though. They’ve not just added a couple of new songs to first version of the mini-album. Instead they removed all songs except To Me and added a god-awful remix. So basically it’s a single for Sweet Dream under a different name.

I meant to post this video last week. Srz for the delay. I’ve been busy slacking :P .

The video is kind of jerky when the camera pans around. It’s like that in all versions I’ve seen. Btw, I guess I would’ve felt like having a J├Ągermeister after watching this if it weren’t for how disgusting it is lol. I’d have a Bacardi and Coke though, but I’m out of Coke.