In this clip IU performs Good Day in pouring rain. But sings as if the sun was shining. The background music volume is a quite low, so you can hear her voice well. The recording is from MBC Changwon 1st Anniversary Hope Concert. I shortened it in the file name.

IU ~ Good Day Live@Hope Concert 20110705

IU ~ Good Day Live@Hope Concert 20110705

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When I first watched this clip I thought “wow, she’s performing in the rain?!”. Then I thought of the audience who had been waiting in the rain, for what I guess was a long while, to see IU. Then I was hypnotized by IU’s charm :) .

It’s so funny because at the beginning of the video you’re like “wow, it’s really pouring down”, but then it picks up and rains even more towards the end :lol: .