Today I finally got my Dream High DVDs that I pre-ordered ages ago. Both boxes come with a bunch of photo cards.


As you can see I also got a “K” keychain with the same design as the K pendant in the drama, but smaller. At first I thought that perhaps they sent this to everyone since the release was delayed, but then I remembered that there was going to be a “lucky draw” for those who pre-ordered the first volume, and I guess I won! :D

The keychain comes in a jewellery box. The gift bag is also for the keychain (it says “the kiss” on the back of the amulet too). I didn’t really get why it came with a gift bag until I saw the price tag: 50,000 won. That’s over US$47! I wouldn’t have paid that much.

I’ll probably add more info about the quality of the subtitles later, but judging by the first episode they seem pretty good.