T-ara’s new song Roly-Poly (롤리폴리/Lolli-polli) on their mini-album John Travolta Wanna Be has a retro theme. I like it. It’s very addictive! That goes for the choreography too.

T-ara ~ Roly-Poly

T-ara ~ Roly-Poly

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This version of the video is called “part 2″, but I consider this to be the “music video version”, because the other versions are the (long) story verson, the stage version and the “world wide” version with clips of fans dancing.

I think Ji-yeon and Eun-jung pull off the theme the best. Hwa-young looks a little awkward somehow. So-yeon’s also great, but she could wear a costume made out of decapitated puppies and I’d still go “awww… wub wub” :) .

The mini-album only has two new tracks (Roly-Poly and 진짜 진짜 좋아해), the rest are remixes of songs from Temptastic. The remixes are embarrassing. They all consist of a generic techno intro, then the regular song with a sound effect here and there, then a break, then the regular song and finally some sound effect at the end. 왜 이러니 even starts with some guy going “let the paRRRRRty begin” *shivers*. They should’ve just released this as a two track single. I’m hoping Roly-Poly will be included on their next full-length album.