I was in a really bad mood tonight. Then I stumbled across the PV for Ariadne no Ito (アリアドネの糸/Ariadne’s thread) and it was exactly what I needed. I was cautiously optimistic when I heard the intro. It was so fitting to my current emotional state. As I listened on, I was waiting for the song to start to suck, but it never did! Great Do As Infinity song! Yeah, I’ll add an extra exclamation point: !

Do As Infinity ~ Ariadne no Ito

Do As Infinity ~ Ariadne no Ito

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Credit: source vid. r3z4prof

The single is coming out in the beginning of September. The song is also the theme song for the drama Team Batista 3 – Ariadne no dangan.

edit: you can download the MP3 here.