Ugly is the last video in 2NE1’s Korean promotion this time around. Last time they had three videos, this time it was four.

2NE1 ~ Ugly

2NE1 ~ Ugly

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Before the video was released I saw some photos from the set and was really intrigued by the wardrobe. My expectations skyrocketed. Then I heard an audio teaser, which dampened my expectations a bit. I wasn’t expecting the “rocky” chorus. Then the video finally came out, and my initial reaction was one of slight disappointment.

The costumes are cool and everything is perfectly fine, but I was expecting something a bit more profound. There’s no story in the video. They’re just walking around and air-kicking. I was hoping for an emotional story line.

I like the verse of the song, but the chorus hasn’t hit home with me just yet. The message is nice though.