This is the content of my latest K-Pop order. Well, actually I got the SNSD DVDs two weeks ago, but I got the rest today.


It consists of Miss A’s A Class album, KARA’s Step (special edition), Girls’ Generation’s Into the New World concert DVDs and f(x)’ Hot Summer repackaged album. All are digipacks.

I actually like the booklet of f(x)’ Pinocchio album more. Especially when it comes to pictures of Krystal. But Hot Summer has more songs. I don’t know what the regular version of Step looks like, but I like this version. The SNSD DVDs come with a little photobook. I tried to take a picture with all the booklets open. The book at the bottom is the SNSD bonus photobook (obviously). It sits in the pocket behind the picture of the girls in the case.


I’m listening to Miss A’s album as I’m typing this. The intro of the first track of their album really sounds like 4Minute’s Heart to Heart XD.