Vita500, which is endorsed by SNSD, released an “augmented reality” app for iPhone and Android (search for vita500 in the app store), where you can scan the QR code (square bar code) on the bottle with your smartphone to see the member on the bottle step out and dance on your table :) .

Vita500 is not sold here, which makes the app pretty useless, unless you have the QR codes that appear on the bottle labels that is.

Here are the codes, with each member’s name under it. Now, these are supposed to be on a bottle, so I guess you should print them and hold them at the same height as on Yoon-a’s bottle in the demo video below for best effect, but it works to scan them from your computer screen too.


The QR codes are from the official Vita500 site. I just added the romanized names.


Making of:

Update: Now I have all the bottles :)