I watched SNSD’s Into the New World First Asia Tour DVDs a couple of weeks ago. After performing a few songs, the girls lined up and introduced themselves one by one. Last one out was Tae-yeon:

Tae-yeon ~ Intro @ ITNW 1st Asia Tour

Tae-yeon ~ Intro @ ITNW 1st Asia Tour

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ZOMG! I expected her to do something cutesy or dorky, not to be all seductive :shock: .

The Boys Tae-yeon teaser

Speaking of Tae-yeon and Girls’ Generation, the release date for their new album “The Boys” has been set. It will be released on iTunes worldwide on October 4th. Until then we’ll get teaser pictures and videos. The first teaser picture is of Tae-yeon. I don’t know what the concept will be exactly, but I guess we’ll know as the teasers keep coming.

It’s pretty funny how SNSD manages to surprise everyone with their new concepts. It’s always something unexpected.

One week to go…

It’s also been confirmed that Soo-young, who has been recovering from the injuries she suffered in her recent car accident, will be joining the others for the comeback.

Update: more teaser pictures were just released.

  • The Boys Hyo-yeon teaser
  • The Boys Sunny teaser