The teasers for SNSD’s upcoming album The Boys are being released bit by bit. So far it’s only pictures. I’ve already posted a few of them, but I thought I’d collect all of them here.

  • The Boys Cover
  • The Boys Cover
  • The Boys Seo-hyun teaser
  • The Boys Yoon-a teaser
  • The Boys Yu-ri teaser
  • The Boys Jessica teaser
  • The Boys Soo-young teaser
  • The Boys Tiffany teaser
  • The Boys Hyo-yeon teaser
  • The Boys Sunny teaser
  • The Boys Tae-yeon teaser

The concept seems to revolve around fairy tales. Doesn’t really give you much to go on as far as what the comeback performance will be like. I’m looking forward to the video teaser.

I’ll update this post when the rest of the pictures come out.

Update: Added the remaining images + the covers. Wau! Look at Yoon-a o_o.