After all the teasers, SNSD’s new album The Boys was finally released today. Along with it, two versions of the music video for the title track were unveiled. One Korean version and one English. As much as I like (and prefer) the Korean one, the English version is much better than I had expected. I thought it’d sound, I don’t know.. cornier?

With all the build up with all the teasers, there was a huge risk of disappointment, but The Boys isn’t even close to disappointing. I love the music video! After the short teasers, a 5 minutes and 20 seconds long music video almost results in pleasure overload though :lol: .

Girls' Generation ~ The Boys

Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys

38MB 5:19 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

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(Full HD link further down)

Credit: source vid. nekelstal@jpopsuki

All the members show off a number of different styles and outfits in the video. Yoon-a looks amazing with her tiara, and the other outfits too. Tae-yeon’s multi-coloured hair nearly made me let out a fangirl scream! Looks so great! Tiffany looks gorgeous too and Sunny totally rocks that short hair! I like Jessica’s kind of sad look, when she’s standing there with the dove at 2:48. Sand-flinging Yu-ri looks totally hot in that short white top! They all look great. I’m just trying to, semi-coherently, recap what stood out the most to me.

Girls' Generation ~ The Boys (English ver.)

Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys (English ver.)

37MB 5:19 H.264/AVC 480×272 PSP Ready

(download | thm | preview)

It could have something to do with my being ill at the moment (cough, cough), but I was physically exhausted after watching the videos. I was so excited! I wonder what I looked like watching them :lol: . When Tae-yeon came on screen with her coloured hair, I put my palms to my cheeks like in some drama :lol: .

Then I got a hold of the Full HD version and, well, it just takes the awesomeness to a new level. This isn’t something I can withhold from you, so here are some download links:

The Boys 1080p Full HD (Melon) 371 MB
Torrent: (torrent | status)
Mirrors: (megaupload | mediafire part 1 part 2)

If you have a HDTV, you’ll want the Full HD video. I’ve tested it on PlayStation 3 and it works fine.

Watch the videos on YouTube too (Korean ver., English ver.), so that your view counts towards SNSD’s youtube ranking.

You can also support the girls by buying the single on iTunes (English version) or ordering the CD album (yesasia).

My first impressions of the album is that it’s a typical SNSD album in that it’s a wide mix of songs with a few generic pop songs, a few ballads and a couple of songs that are hit material. I like The Boys and Trick (the intro sounds a bit like 2PM’s Again and Again). The ballad 봄날 (How great is your love) is also good. Haha, they included the Vita500 song (Vitamin). It’s a bit awkward at first listening to the Korean version of Mr. Taxi, since I’m so used to the Japanese version, but I like the Korean one too.

As usual, we should expect a repackaged version of the album later on. The upside with this is that they have another killer track that they didn’t include on the album and that they’ll do two rounds of promotions.

To end this post, some promo pictures:

  • The Boys promo
  • The Boys promo
  • The Boys promo
  • The Boys promo