The people who know me on twitter and facebook already know this but, last week I was in Seoul! It was totally awesome! I’m going to write more about it later. For now I’m posting pictures of some of the booty I brought home.

Let’s start with the SNSD stuff (yes, I need a separate picture for that :D ):


You might be asking yourself: “is that a Yu-ri pillow case?”. It certainly is :lol: . I also got the posters that came with The Boys (I got Jessica) and a Tae-yeon poster. I wanted a Tae-yeon cap (309) from SPAO, but it was sold out so I got a Yu-ri cap (125) and a Tae-yeon beanie instead. Unfortunately I lost the beanie on the subway, so I had to buy a new one (+ a Yu-ri one :lol: ).

Our guide told us that the best place to buy CDs was at the big book stores. Sure, you can buy CDs there, but if you go to Seoul and shop around Myeongdong I recommend that you check out Music Korea instead (although it’s a bit hard to see the entrance). The selection is much better and they had a lottery where you could win a spot at a SNSD fan-signing event (which unfortunately was on the day my flight left). They also gave me some SNSD photos. If you’re getting SNSD stuff or stuff by other artists from SM Entertainment, you should go to Everysing, which is an SM Entertainment store/karaoke place which is located on the 4th floor of the SPAO store in Myeongdong. The SMTown book was cheaper there (but I had already bought it). Don’t buy any SNSD stuff on the street until you’ve visited this store, because you can buy official items there at a good price. At first I wanted to buy everything in the store, but I managed to control myself… somewhat XD.

Other K-Pop stuff and DVDs and dramas:


These drama boxes are so heavy! It’s Secret Garden and Mary Stayed Out All Night.

The magazine with YUI on it is (obviously) Japanese, but it’s YUI. I wanted to buy her new album too, but the only version that came with a DVD was the Japanese imported version and they wanted something like 78,000 won for it -_-.

The thing with IU and strawberries on it is the packaging from an IU yoghurt :lol: . The candies come with an IU photo, but I haven’t opened them yet. You’ll see a lot of IUs in the super market :lol: .

Other stuff:


The first thing I bought when I arrived at Incheon was two Vita500 bottles (Tae-yeon and Yu-ri). During my stay I collected all nine bottles. You can buy a box of them at the super market, but I bought them one at a time at convenience stores and such. It took almost a week to get all of them. Go here if you want the codes from the bottles.

I also bought some Korean chopsticks and spoons, some soju (just because it’s so friggin expensive here) and some vinegared gochujang :) .

I can’t believe I fit that into my bag (along with all my clothes). I was very close to the weight limit ^_^;