I absolutely love the outfits the girls are wearing in this performance of The Boys from Music Core. Great performance!

Girls' Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys Live@Music Core 20111112

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This aired on the 12th, but it was recorded on the 5th. Music Core has been lagging behind since they cancelled the show due to some baseball thing two weeks ago.

How do I know it’s from last week? Because I was there!! :D We got to stand right in front of the stage. Really close to the girls! They are so beautiful that it’s almost unreal! I tried to get a good look at all the girls, but I couldn’t help staring at Tae-yeon all the time :lol: . She just draws me in.

They edited the audience sound in the broadcast. We screamed so much that you almost couldn’t hear the music. We also did a fan-chant during the instrumental part, but they edited it out :( . And by “we” I mean SONE (SNSD fans, 소원/S♡NE).

I’ll take you through the whole thing: The timing, with SNSD’s delayed comeback meaning that they’d be promoting during my visit to Seoul, was too good for me not to try to see them perform. I had been to Mnet’s studios (CJ E&M) two days before, trying to get in to M!Countdown, but that show was cancelled. I didn’t see anyone else there, so I left and did other things that day. Then I watched the Style Icon Awards (which had replaced M!Countdown) on TV and saw that not only was SNSD performing, but IU was there too. I didn’t know how to get in, but I was kicking myself for not trying harder.

The day before Music Core, I was just going to walk around the city, shopping or whatever, so I took the subway out to Ilsan to check out where MBC Dream Center was located. I wanted to know the way so I wouldn’t be wandering about Ilsan early in the morning and lose my spot for the show. It’s pretty easy to find (if anyone wants detailed directions, let me know). I was just about to leave (to come back the following day), when I thought about the Mnet debacle from the day before and decided that I should exhaust all options since I was there anyway. So I went in to MBC and asked if there was any way for me to go to the show the following day, but they were like “no, it’s totally impossible” and “SNSD already did their pre-recording, so you can’t see them anyway” and “you can register on our website (which requires a Korean SSN) for a ticket for next week (when I had left Korea)”. I tried asking about queueing with the fan club, which I had read about, but they were like “no, there’s no way to get in without a ticket”. I was pretty bummed. Was there any point going the following day? Well, you already know the answer :) , but you can see what a bad idea it was to go in there.


In the evening I went out partying with a friend of mine who is studying there and her friends (one of which is a friend of Yoon-a’s). I sang Gee and Oh at the noraebang :lol: . I went to bed at about 2 am, then I got up at 5 am to take the first subway to Ilsan, which left at 5:30. The ride is almost an hour, so I got to practice Korean subway sleeping — sitting with your head tilted forward, catching some Z’s, while not falling into the person next to you or missing your stop. I got off at the correct stop, but unfortunately I forgot my Tae-yeon beanie on the subway :( . I went to the main entrance, but no one was there, so I walked around the corner, where there’s another entrance. There I found some people who seemed like they could be SONE. I was very lucky because I arrived when the coordinators were there. Otherwise you should follow the instructions on a note and send a message to his cellphone, and I didn’t have a Korean cellphone with me. I arrived at the same time as two (cute) Japanese girls. That was also convenient because then I wasn’t the only foreigner who needed help (I actually translated a little from Korean to Japanese, which was funny considering how little I know of either language). We were supposed to take a picture next to the sign that they had put up and send it to the coordinators phone, but since we were foreigners he took a photo with his phone of the photo in our phones (so we didn’t have to send it). Our names were put on a list and we were given a time when we should be back.

I bought some breakfast and went back to the meeting point and ate it there. I saw some other international fans and thought I’d talk to them to pass the time. I’ve read online sometimes about how other fan clubs dislike SONE (for whatever reason). I kind of thought that it was a thing among hardcore Korean fans, but as soon as I mentioned that I was there to see SNSD (they weren’t), they completely ignored me. The SONE I met were super nice, though.

When it was time for the second roll call (they had one just before I was put on the list), we moved up closer to the entrance and formed a line. We got a number written on our hand. I kind of regret not trading my The Boys Yoon-a card for a Tae-yeon card when waiting in line. A lot of people were trading.


Then we were let into MBC Dream Center (in your face, MBC staff from the day before!), where we formed a line for each group. Almost everyone was there for SNSD. But I think it was because SNSD were recording first and the other groups were recording later on. We could leave the line to go to the bathroom and buy snacks and stuff. Then the fan club coordinators checked that everyone had SNSD’s latest album with them (you have to bring it in order to get in) and we got a seat number written on our wrist.


While waiting in line, we were being filmed by a TV crew. A lot of Korean fans hid their faces. Some had masks (like the ones people wear when they’re sick) that they put on whenever a camera came out. There was a group of Taiwanese fans in front of me who were interviewed by MBC news (I think). Then they interviewed me too :lol: (in English). They asked about what I like about SNSD, if they are popular in Sweden, how I found out about them and who my favourite member is (Tae-yeon), etc. A Korean SONE said that it would be on the news this week, but I haven’t seen the footage (which is probably for the best :lol: ).

Then one of the coordinators informed us that we wouldn’t be seated, but we would be standing near the stage instead :D . At around 11:20 (yes, it was a long wait) we were let into the studio. We weren’t allowed to wave and stuff because of the cameras that went just over our heads. It was just us SONE and the staff there. We waited while the staff were building the stage for SNSD.


At about noon the girls finally came out on the stage! Pleasure overload! They performed The Boys twice. We screamed and chanted like crazy. I didn’t know the fanchant before, but it was very easy if you know the old chants. Too bad that they edited the sound in the broadcast. When they weren’t performing they were goofing around a little (not as much as usual, I was told) and talked with the audience. I didn’t understand what they said though. I didn’t take many pictures, just a couple of shots to prove I was there :lol: . It looks like they’re pretty far away in the picture, but it’s just because of the wide angle lens. Check out the picture further down where you can see where we were in relation to the stage.


Then we were rushed out. Other artists were going to record. They were giving us some instructions in Korean while we were leaving that I didn’t understand. However, I managed to catch a French SONE and asked if there was going to be anything more. She told me that we should be back at 2 pm and maybe there’d be something more. I would’ve been content just seeing SNSD’s pre-recording. That alone would have been worth getting up at 5 am and queueing the whole day.

When I got back in the afternoon there were more people there. I saw some people who had been with me for SNSD’s recording queueing for Brown Eyed Girls. They had found a record store nearby and bought BEG’s latest CD. I didn’t think of that, but I’m glad I didn’t because I met some really nice people while waiting. There was a (Korean) girl from New Zealand, who is a writer for Soompi. She was super nice. Then there was the French girl. Turns out we were both at SMTown Paris and we’re both going to Music Bank Paris. I saw her featured in the news later. I also met a K-SONE who spoke English.


A lot of people were queueing at this time. It was funny to see how the queues for the boy bands were 99% girls and for the girl groups it was more like 50-50.

It turns out that the “something more” mentioned earlier was being let in to the pre-recording of the main show as well as the “live” recording. It would normally have been broadcast live, but this episode wasn’t going to air the until the following week, so there was no winning stage. We got to see some artists pre-record and all the live performances, including Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls, U-Kiss, C-real and more. I don’t think Wonder Girls recorded that day (they were in the broadcast). SNSD performed again, but it wouldn’t be used for the broadcast since Yu-ri and Tiffany were the MCs, so they wore their MC clothing during the performance.


We were seated just behind Yu-ri and Tiffany. Unfortunately I couldn’t see them when they were MC-ing. They are so pretty! And Tiffany is so thin now. She’s much thinner than Yu-ri now. I alternated between looking at YulTi and looking at the performances on stage. We cheered and waved our Girls’ Generation balloons, but we cheered even more when Tiffany mimicked a dance move from the performing artist on her way back to her seat :lol: .


Needless to say, this was the perfect ending to my trip to Korea. The morning after, I went to the airport. There was a fan-signing event down town the day after, but I couldn’t attend. Maybe I can time their next comeback — or better yet: a concert — and go back. The rest of the trip was great too, but seeing SNSD takes the cake :) .