SM Entertainment recently released a Girls’ Generation game for iPhone developed by dooub. I didn’t post about it right away, because I wanted to try it out first.

It’s a music game similar to DJ Max Portable and, to a lesser extent, Guitar Hero. You’re supposed to hit notes as they fall on the screen. The difference is that it’s a smart phone game, so sometimes you have to touch the note and slide it sideways or shake the phone to hit certain notes. All this to songs from SNSD’s latest album The Boys. There are two game modes: Tap (which is what I described) and Shake, where you rotate a disc clockwise and counter-clockwise instead of tapping. Both modes have “shake notes”, where you have to shake the phone.


The app is free to download, but you only get “short play” of a few songs. To unlock “full play” and all songs, you have to make an in-app purchase called “6 songs package”, which costs $4 (update: now there’s a package called “9 songs package” which contains the first 6 songs + the 3 songs in the Mr. Taxi package). Without that package it’s more of a demo. You can download the app in the App Store and try it out.

When you play the game you unlock different cards, that have a picture of one of the SNSD members on them along with a rank. I haven’t fully grasped it, but you can use these cards to boost the song you’re playing, so that you can win even better cards. They can also be combined to form better cards. I guess the goal is to collect all cards (to have had each of them at one point). You can also buy cards in the app if you want to get them faster. I haven’t done this.

I think the game is good fun. It’s a bit weird a first to use a touch screen if you’re used to playing on the PSP, but it gets easier after a while, and sliding the notes is a pretty clever game mechanic. The game drains the battery pretty quickly though. And there’s a bug where the song is paused when you get the “20% battery left” notice and then you can’t resume it, so you have to quit the song. But over all it works well. It takes a while to figure out the whole card dealio.

There are similar apps being released for other SM Town artists, like Super Junior.

Update: Just a heads up if you plan on upgrading your phone to a newer model. When I upgraded to a new phone I lost all songs and cards even though I had made a dooub account to allow syncing and restored the new phone from a backup of the old one. I contacted dooub and after a month(!) I got a reply that they can’t restore my cards, but the purchased songs can be restored… in “a few weeks” -_-

Update: Still haven’t had my account fixed after 2 months -_- and no, I’m not going to pay again for something I already paid for.

Update: After 3 months they finally fixed my account :P .