I was thinking about you guys when I was in Korea. Not only did I swipe some Innisfree pamphlets :) , but I also bought two SNSD photo sets to give away. The photos were bought at Everysing in Myeongdong, Seoul, which is an official SM Entertainment store, so the photos are all official items.


Since I couldn’t come up with a competition, I thought that I’d just make a raffle. To enter you can do the following:

Step 1: Twitter or Facebook (if you’re already a Twitter or Facebook friend, you can skip this step)

(one of the above is enough)

Step 2: Send me your Twitter user name or Facebook name in a message on the contact page. Remember to write an alias in the name field if you haven’t commented before.

Step 3: Write a comment on this post stating who your favourite SNSD member is and why (or your top 3 if you can’t choose one). Use the same alias (the “Name” field) as you did in step 2.


1st prize: One of the photo sets (your choice) + two Innisfree pamphlets (one of each)
2nd prize: The remaining photo set + two Innisfree pamphlets
3rd prize: Two Innisfree pamphlets

I’ll announce the winners next Sunday (December 4th). Good luck! :D

Clarification: I’ll draw the winner randomly. Everyone who has entered has an equal chance of winning.