I’ve just started watching the Korean drama series Mary Stayed Out All Night (매리는 외박중). It’s also known as Marry Me, Mary, but I prefer the more literal translation. I’ve been meaning to watch this drama for a while. The main reason being that the protagonist is played by Moon Geun-young.


I’m only two episodes in (out of 16), but I like it a lot so far. The tone of the drama is light hearted. There are dramatic and sad parts, but over all it’s a cute story that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy :) . Basically it’s about Mary, who has quit her studies because she can’t afford her tuition due to her dad’s debts, which are mainly due to his being conned. One night she runs into (literally) a musician named Mu-gyeol, played by singer/actor Jang Geun-suk. In order to make sure Mary has a good life (and finances), her father arranges for her to marry Jeong In, the son of a rich old friend of his. Mary opposes this and asks Mu-gyeol to pretend to be her fiancée to make her father drop the plans of an arranged marriage.

The story is based on a comic with the same name. Moon Geun-young really fits the role. She’s really cute in this drama. I like her style.

Mary Stayed Out All Night had just started to air when I heard about it and I didn’t want to wait for each episode, so I started to watch another drama with Moon Geun-young called Cinderella’s Sister instead. That drama is more melodramatic and a bit depressing at times. I actually haven’t finished watching it. The character Mary suits her so much better!

The box I bought consists of 11 DVDs with English subtitles. It also comes with a 150 page photobook (which explains why it was so heavy) and the script of the final episode. I also bought Secret Garden (by recommendation), but I felt like starting with Mary Stayed Out All Night. Plus, I had already removed the plastic to make sure it had English subtitles (the information box is hidden behind the ribbon thingy before you open it) before I left Korea.



This is the first drama I’ve watched since I came back from Korea and it’s nice to see how familiar the places and settings are. I didn’t go to Hongdae, though. Next time…

Oh, and the ending theme song for each episode is Super Star, sung by Han Seung-yeon (KARA) :) .

I was thinking how I could put this on my laptop and watch a few episodes during the trip to my parents for x-mas, but I think I will already have watched all of it by then :P .