I watch movies way too seldom nowadays. I have a huge “to watch” pile. However, yesterday I watched Studio Ghibli’s latest film The Borrower Arrietty (Karigurashi no Arrietty, aka The Secret World of Arrietty). It’s based on the novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

The story takes place in a Japan, where a sickly boy, Sho, goes to live in his mother’s childhood house to rest before his heart surgery. Under the floors of the house lives a family of “borrowers”. They are tiny (10 cm tall) persons, who borrow small things they need from the house from time to time. The borrowers must remain hidden from the humans, but the young Arrietty is spotted by Sho.

This film is less otherworldly than other Ghibli works. It’s pretty quiet and simple. It was relaxing to watch. The imagery is very colourful and pretty. I like how things are made to look huge, that would be huge to someone the size of a borrower. I liked the movie, although it’s pretty open-ended.

The soundtrack is also different from other Ghibli movies. Usually it’s Joe Hisaishi who composes the music. When the music started, I thought “is this Michelle Branch?”, but it turns out that it’s a French singer named C├ęcile Corbel.

I bought the DVD in Korea, but I watched it with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The subtitles were good except for the erroneous, but consistent, use of “human beans” instead of “human beings” :lol: .