I still have stuff coming in (*cough*SNSD blu-ray*cough*), but this is the latest batch of J/K-Pop goodies that I’ve received. It’s YUI’s latest album How Crazy Your Love (CD+DVD) and the special edition of IU’s Last Fantasy.

I actually received these last week. Let’s start with IU’s album. Just like her last special edition, the box has the regular album inside, but also has a photo book. Or rather, it’s a book about (I guess) how the album was made, but it contains loads of photos of IU. The pictures in this one are super nice. It’s pretty thick too. You can see how big the box is compared to YUI’s album, which is a normal CD case. The inside of the box was a bit damaged on my copy. I guess it wasn’t built for overseas shipping. I think the book is too heavy for the box construction, so it squished the cardboard things holding it in place when it shifted around in transit.



Then there’s YUI’s album. I got the overseas (Hong Kong) version. I usually get that version, since it’s cheaper than the very expensive Japanese one. I opened the case, not really expecting anything special, and look what I found! It comes with a YUI guitar pick (Fender medium)! How cool is that? I felt the urge to break out my guitar which has been stowed away for quite some time now. I also had the idea to make a necklace out of it, like the one YUI used to wear, but I don’t think I can “ruin” it by drilling a hole in it. This CD is also an example of what I like about YUI’s releases in that it comes with a concert DVD. What other artist does that? I think it’s awesome.