All in all 2011 has been a good year for me. Not very cheap though, but good. A “premium” year :) .

I had started listening to IU at the very end of 2010 and continued to listen to her during 2011. Now I’m a total fanboy.

At the beginning of the year I was following the drama Dream High. It’s one of the few dramas I’ve followed as it was being aired. It was fun discussing it with a classmate in my Korean class. Even our teacher watched it :) . I started watching it because IU was in it (and, to a somewhat lesser extent, T-ara’s Eun-jung), but the drama made me interested in Miss A because of Suzy, who played Hye-mi.

Another new group I started listening to this year was Rainbow, who are on the same label as KARA. KARA, who nearly disbanded at the start of the year, but came back in full force in September (not counting their Japanese promotion).

The first highlight of this year was when I went to SMTown Paris. I was so happy that I could go! It was a really big thing for me.

The most hyped up release of the year was SNSD’s album The Boys. With all the teasers leading up to the release, the fanboys (myself included) went crazy when the music video was finally released.

This brings us to the second highlight of the year: my trip to Korea! I had saved up some money and went to Korea for a week. The highlight of that trip was seeing SNSD perform The Boys at Music Core.

Clips that shouldn’t be missed:
IU ~ Gee, Lies & Sorry Sorry (from 2009 actually)

Artists of the year: IU and SNSD (honourable mention: f(x) and T-ara).

Music videos (songs) of the year:
Girls’ Generation ~ The Boys
IU ~ You and I
YUI ~ Green
f(x) ~ Pinocchio (Danger)
T-ara ~ Roly-poly (lives)
2NE1 ~ I am the best
IU ~ Good day (live)

Although Good day came out in 2010 it was actually voted as song of the year 2011 in Korea. It’s been immensely popular.

Ringtones I’ve used this year: f(x)’ Nu ABO and T-ara’s Roly-Poly.

Phone case of the year: IU :)

I think that about does it. I hope you had a good year too and that the future holds more happy moments. Happy new year!