I finally got my SNSD Japan Tour blu-ray. Oh, man! I have to get up early tomorrow, so I can’t watch it. I just watched the intro and two songs and it’s very difficult for me to hit the stop button… OK, three songs. Mr. Taxi came on :) . Aaaah! Tae-yeon’s wink! *melts* How am I going to be able to sleep now? “I’ll just watch one song” sounded like a good idea at the time :) .

As I expected, the quality of the video production is much much better than the Korean concert DVDs. It’s not just that it’s HD. It’s more well thought out.

The outfits are divine! Oh, man! They all look super pretty!

I didn’t blog about it, but I wrote on Facebook about how my PS3 broke down before new year’s. I wasn’t really in a hurry to replace it for gaming (although I use it a lot for that purpose), but it’s also my only blu-ray player and with this concert blu-ray expected to arrive any day, I had to go into town the following morning to buy a new PS3 XD.

I just got the regular version blu-ray (expensive enough as it is + the limited edition was sold out). There’s no real booklet, just a set list, inside the case. The disc had come loose during shipping, but it wasn’t scratched (phew).

OK, I managed to force myself to stop the playback. I’ll watch the rest tomorrow.

edit: I posted more reflections in the comments below.