Last week I went to France to see a horde of K-Pop artists perform at Music Bank in Paris. A total of eight groups performed: Girls’ Generation, T-ara, 4Minute, Sistar, SHINee, U-Kiss, Beast and 2PM. I went there mostly for SNSD, T-ara and 4Minute.


I flew to Paris the same day as the concert. I had already been there for SMTown back in June, so I felt like I wouldn’t have any trouble finding my way around the city. Besides, I had booked a numbered seat for the concert. I had a seat for the first day and a standing ticket for the second day. Unfortunately the second day of the concert was cancelled. It would’ve been great to do both.

The venue was much bigger than SMTown. The good seats at SMTown were much better than the good seats at Music Bank. While SMTown was more intimate, everything at Music Bank went very smoothly. They didn’t have much concert goods though.

It was nice to see so many groups, but since there were so many of them they didn’t perform that many songs each. SNSD didn’t perform until the very end, so it felt like they didn’t get enough time on stage.

All the groups did great. I really enjoyed all the performances.


It turns out that I’m a much bigger fan of T-ara than I’ve let on — to others and to myself. I was surprised by how well I knew the lyrics for their songs. I sang along like crazy! I should’ve picked a wae ireoni for the noraebang in Korea. I was really surprised when Eun-yung came up on stage. She didn’t perform, of course, due to her injury, but I didn’t expect her to come. I was happy to see her. When I think back on T-ara’s performance, the image I get in my head is Hwa-young doing the shuffle dance for Lovey-Dovey with her hair flailing around. I like her.



I’ve been listening to all the artists leaning up to the concert and I like some of Sistar’s songs. Bo-ra is pretty hot too :) . Her features are somewhat similar to Luna from f(x). But, anyway…



It was nice to see 4Minute too. So-hyun did a dance number with members from the other girl groups.


I liked the boy bands too. 2PM were much more popular than I thought. I had no idea that they were that popular. It was a bit awkward when they were fondling each other in the beginning, but then they put on a really good show. I was expecting to go temporarily gay (I know, right: “temporarily?”) seeing Taec-yeon, but I managed to hold my ground :lol: .

Soo-young from SNSD was one of the hosts for the show. Since it was her birthday two days after a lot of us were waving “happy birthday Soo-young” (in Korean) signs and we sang to her at one point.

Otherwise I was waving my “I love you Tae-yeon” (in Korean) fan sign whenever SNSD was on stage. SNSD, like the other groups, started with a short medley of some of their hits, introduced themselves and then sang a couple of full songs (Mr. Taxi and The Boys). Unfortunately the sounds guys messed up the volume on Tae-yeon’s, Seo-hyun’s and Jessica’s microphones. Between songs Tae-yeon hurried backstage to see if they could fix it, but it seems like they couldn’t. Tae-yeon seemed pretty bothered by this, but she was so cute running out on the catwalk to catch up with the other members.


At the end of the concert when the artists were thanking the audience, I was holding up my sign while cheering. It’s kind of a blur, but I think it was Tiffany that saw my sign and asked Tae-yeon to look my way. She did and waved with both arms and smiled. ZOMG! :shock:

I had a dream the following night where SNSD went out along the seats where I sat (stood) and Tae-yeon saw my sign. I actually had another dream about Tae-yeon last night where we talked and I gave her a ride to the airport XD.

I told myself that I wouldn’t take any/many pictures, since it’s just one more distraction and I don’t have the gear to take good photos at concerts, but I couldn’t help myself. Most are pretty crappy though :P . I’ll update this post later with a couple of photos. It’s getting late and I need some sleep :) .

I hope there’ll be more K-Pop concerts in Europe (especially SNSD and T-ara) and/or that I can go back to Korea and watch concerts there.

KBS is supposed to air this concert on Saturday. I really hope someone rips it.

Update: I added some photos. Most of them didn’t come out well, so I only added a few.