Today when I got home from work, feeling a bit under the weather, I checked my mail box and saw a package slip. “I haven’t ordered anything…” I had forgotten that I made a K-Pop/K-Movie order a week ago, so it was a pleasant surprise :) .


I got T-ara’s latest mini-album Funky Town, the Mr. Taxi version of SNSD’s The Boys and the movie Sunny. I got the Tae-yeon (Toy Story) peas in a pod plushie a while back, but it made its way into the picture anyway :) .


Yay! I got the Tae-yeon card with the Mr. Taxi album! The only difference between Mr. Taxi and The Boys is the packaging, the order of the tracks and that Mr. Taxi comes with the additional English version of The Boys. I like the photo cards that come with it. I would’ve paid the same price for just the pictures… which I guess is pretty much what I did, since I already have The Boys :lol: . As long as everyone’s happy :) . I didn’t get the poster though (I have too many already).

I don’t know that much about the movie Sunny, but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s the same director who did Scandal Makers, which is one of my favourite movies. I won’t have time to watch it tonight (need to sleep this cold off), but tomorrow maybe. The version I got comes with both the theatrical version and director’s cut.