Time Machine is SNSD’s latest Japanese track. It was included on the repackaged version of their Japanese debut album along with the Japanese version of The Boys. The song itself has been out a long time, but the music video was just released.

Girls' Generation ~ Time Machine

Girls’ Generation ~ Time Machine

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Credit: source vid. fishing@jpopsuki

The most prominent features of the video are Yoon-a in the snow, Sunny in the rain and Tae-yeon’s gorgeousness. Yu-ri also looks great. Well, they all do. You know how it goes :) .

The song starts out nice, but the chorus sounds so-so to me. It’ll probably grow on me as I listen to it a bit more (it kind of already has). I like the verse — and the video. They sing about regrets and wanting a time machine, but the end of the video shows them crying :cry: (울지마세요!) and then picking them selves up and moving on. I guess that’s the thing to do when your pleas for a time machine go unanswered :) .

I saw that a Korean release of the repackaged Japanese album came out last month. I might pick it up, since it’s more affordable than the Japanese version.