After finishing Secret Garden, I started watching Dream High 2. It takes place in the same art school as the first Dream High, but a lot has changed. The school has lost its status and is going down the drain when an entertainment company buys it out and sends its own artists, who have been banned from performing for violating a new law prohibiting under-age artists from performing late at night, to attend the school for the time being. It’s not entirely clear what the exact reasoning behind this is.

The actors are all different with the exception of JYP and a few cameo appearances by the original cast.

The main character is Hae-seong, played by Kang So-ra. I recognize her from the movie Sunny. She’s really cute and funny. She looks kind of like a mix of a young Tomiko Van and Keiko Kitagawa. Kind of. She looks younger in Dream High 2 than in Sunny, actually. Hae-seong desperately wants to be a singer, but isn’t all that good at singing nor dancing.

Just like the first Dream High, there are several artists/idols playing the other major parts. The Male lead, the rocker Yoo-jin, is played by Jin-woon from 2AM. He does a good job. Then there’s JYP rookie JB, who feels kind of wooden to me so far. A T-ara member once again plays the “bad girl”. This time around it’s Ji-yeon who does the acting (she also does a good job). She plays one of the artists who join the school. She’s part of the girl group Hershe, which consists of Ji-yeon, Sistar’s Hyo-rin and Ailee. Ka-hi from After School plays the dance teacher.

I’ve only seen four episodes, but so far I like the first Dream High more. Dream High 2 is kind of all over the place in the beginning, with lots of characters and unclear motives. One thing I liked about the first season was the “you can do it”/”be all that you can be” feeling you got. So far, the second season has been more about conflict and competition. I hope it’ll change as the story progresses. I do love Kang So-ra, though. She’s great. I want to see how things turn out for Hae-seong.