It feels like 4Minute, or rather their producers, are slipping. The title track from their latest mini-album is not what I had hoped for. Perhaps I’m biased, since I don’t like the sound of saxophones in general :P .

4Minute ~ Volume Up

4Minute ~ Volume Up

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Credit: source vid. k2nblog

As for the video, it actually makes the song sound better. Ji-yoon looks great, especially in the leather jacket with red shoulders. I wish they’d tone down the “sexy dancing” and whatnot. I’d much prefer a proper choreography.

I’ve listened to the mini-album a bit the last couple of days and I think the ballad I’m OK is pretty good (apart from the whistles in the background). Better than Volume Up, even though it has grown on me a little. The verse in Dream Racer is kind of interesting, but the rest is… not.