SNSD’s first sub-unit TaeTiSeo (소녀시대-태티서/Girls’ Generation-TTS) released their mini-album Twinkle digitally last Sunday. The CD is also out now. I’m pleasantly surprised by this album. I was expecting it to have one good song and then just fillers, but it’s pretty solid all the way through. Baby Steps is really nice (contains good vocabulary if you’re beginning to learn Korean :) ). It’s nice to have all these “vocalist heavy” songs where Tae-yeon, Tiffany and Seo-hyun can show off their skill. Especially Tae-yeon.

SM’s new thing is putting ads in the videos they release online, but this one is ad free (not counting the perfume product placement ;) ).

Girls' Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle

Girls’ Generation-TTS ~ Twinkle

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Credit: source vid. hotsport@jpopsuki

The girls look so great in the video! The dance moves are really cute too. Tae-yeon is so gorgeous and I love Seo-hyun’s cute faces on the roof wearing the red dress.


TaeTiSeo (apparently Girls’ Generation-TTS is the official English name, but TaeTiSeo sounds better to me) are also going to be promoting on the weekly music shows this week, so expect some lives later on. If you’re interested in the official fan-chant, you can find it here (Korean).

This is my favourite picture from the digital booklet that comes with the album when you buy it on iTunes. I’m using (a cropped version of) it as my phone lock screen wallpaper :) .

Tae-yeon Tiffany Seo-hyun Twinkle digital booklet

It looks like the physical album comes with a bunch of photo cards. Going to get that too.

Watch the video on SMTown’s YouTube too, to help raise the view count :) .