TaeTiSeo’s first live performance was at M!Countdown the day before yesterday. They performed Twinkle and Baby Steps. I really like Baby Steps and I’m glad they decided to promote it along with Twinkle.

Girls' Generation-TTS ~ Baby Steps Live@M!Countdown 20120503

Girls’ Generation-TTS ~ Baby Steps Live@M!Countdown 20120503

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Baby Steps was originally sung by the American boyband Varsity Fanclub. SM acquired the rights for the song and made a Korean version for TaeTiSeo, which (in my completely unbiased opinion) blows the original out of the water.

According to the message included with the digital album, this is Seo-hyun’s favourite song on the album. I realize that the top picks is probably a marketing thing, but I could see this being her favourite (even though Tae-yeon owns the stage).