This is one of the movies I picked up in Korea. I didn’t know anything about it other than recognizing Kim Rae-won from other movies. The synopsis was in Korean, so I went solely by the cover. I got the feeling that it was going to be a romantic but somewhat sad movie.

The story is about Min-a, a school girl who lives with her mother. Min-a is very ill, but her mother wants to let her live the remainder of her life happily outside of the hospital. Kim Rae-won plays Young-jae, a young photographer who moves in to the apartment below Min-a and her mother. The sight of Min-a smoking in the window strikes Young-jae’s fancy. He approaches her and tries to get her to like him.

Based on that synopsis you’d expect a lot of crying and heartache. There are sad moments in this movie, but the focus lies on the happy moments that come from Min-a’s and Young-jae’s relationship. The overall feeling is warm. I liked this movie a lot.

I had this feeling that I recognized the actress playing Min-a (Im Soo-jung) from somewhere. Turns out she played alongside Moon Geun-young in A Tale of Two Sisters, which came out the same year as …ing (2003). I watched that movie a long time ago.