Last week I watched the Studio Ghibli anime Ocean Waves (海がきこえる/I can hear the sea). It’s about a college student named Taku, who is thinking back to his senior year in high school years and a girl called Rikako. She’s a new girl who moved to Taku’s town from Tokyo. She’s smart and attractive, but is a bit of an outcast among the students. Except for Taku’s friend Yutaka, who has a crush on Rikako. Triangle drama, commence! The story is told through a series of flashbacks, where Taku remembers the impression Rikako made in their encounters.

This is a TV movie and you can tell that the budget must have been smaller than Ghibli movies that have been shown in cinemas. The animation is not as good and the backgrounds don’t look as nice as you might be used to.

I feel that this story would have been better suited for a manga. It just didn’t speak to me in the anime format. There are some concept drawings (or possibly illustrations from the original novel) during the end credits that show the characters expressing more emotion than their animated counterparts in the actual movie. While the story is told quite well, I couldn’t help but feel a bit bored.