This is what I ordered for this summer as far as K-Pop (and J-Pop) items go.


I’ve stopped ordering “album + poster” packages, since I already have loads of posters that I don’t have up on the walls. But I couldn’t resist the poster for IU’s latest single Spring of a Twenty Year Old. I’ve wanted an IU poster for a while and I’ve kind of regretted not asking if I could buy one that was on display in a music store in Seoul. It fit in a frame I had lying around too, so that’s a plus.


The CD comes with a really nice booklet. It mostly consists of screens from the short film that was released together with the title track, but it also has photos from the same trip.


I also got TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle. The CD comes with a sh**load of photo cards. Really nice ones too.


I got the Seo-hyun card. It doesn’t seem like the CD sleeve was made for rough overseas shipping though :( .


I also got f(x)’ Electric Shock. Got the Amber card with that one. I was thinking about getting the posters for this one too, but it was a random draw and I only wanted Sulli or Krystal. They also weren’t as nice as the IU poster I ended up getting.

The booklet is the usual f(x) “WTF” concept :lol: . They’ve thrown in a psychotic rabbit and a bear with questionable motives. It’s pretty nice though, with lots of photos.


I also got YUI’s latest concert DVD. I haven’t watched it yet, but it seems great.

I was on the verge of ordering Sistar’s Alone too (not for the title track, but for No Mercy and 널 사랑하겠어), but I ended up not getting it since I didn’t want to blow more money right that instance.

A while ago I put up some framed CD booklets from Ayumi Hamasaki singles that I used to have in my old apartment. She was the first asian artist I started listening to, years ago. I noticed that the photo cards from TaeTiSeo’s CD would fit the frame perfectly (unlike the CD booklets :P ), so I picked three nice cards and put them in the frame. Not so much TaeTiSeo as TaeTaeTae, though :) .